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Testimonials & Recommendations

“My experience with the Canadian Acupressure College has been a blessing. I have gained a deeper understanding of TCM and improved my skills as a natural health practitioner. I am thankful for Kathy de Bucy's rich background in acupressure and for her comments and suggestions.”
  Isabelle Deschamps – 2016 Grad

“The 5-Element Acupressure Diploma program at CAC was exactly what I was looking for in order to get back into the healing arts to upgrade my skills and learn more advanced material from previous training I had at a different institution. Not only was it the perfect package for me (because I live so far north and the distance part of the course was a huge seller and being a mom of 2 young kids) but the program and Kathy as an instructor and the material covered and how it was covered and the assignments were way more than I could have asked for. My favorite part other than Kathy and her beautiful, supportive, encouraging way of teaching and consulting was how confident I was after the program to go out into the world as a healer with a gift worthy enough of using as a profession and I had all the tools to make that happen and know that I could be successful. It truly is a full and wonderful packaged program for anyone interested in holistic healing, helping others and with a passion for Chinese Medicine. Thank you from the depths of my being Kathy for you and the FEAP diploma program. I am exactly where I am meant to be.”
  Julie Chaplin – 2012 Graduate

“The 5-element program at Canadian Acupressure College has re-energized my career and my feeling of success. When I started the program I was taking the course because I needed credit for my association.
I have done many different classes related to my career as a massage therapist, but this class helped me reboot my career. I feel the 5-elements and I have gone through a full year of transformation. I see that transformation happening in my clients as well. My advertising and my specials in my clinic now reflect the present elements in season.
My clients ask many questions on how and why they feel a certain way in the season.It’s very interesting to look at my clients in a different way, by using the Worsley chart and informing my client on specific points that might help them. It’s like dialing the phone on a client’s body to get the right number.
The two case studies I performed were very interesting. Although my clients feel safe with me they also demonstrated shyness with me. (Boundaries) After performing these sessions I found my clients more open to discussing their issues. There is a more open, non-judging relationship between myself and my clients. Prior to taking the course, I would look at the client differently, now I run through the questions and compare them to the 5-element chart, which usually give me a very good program plan.”
  Helen Komarnicki, RMT – 2012 Graduate

“It is about thirteen months ago, when I felt the urge or calling to make some changes in my life. While working in a successful career, in a senior Management position with a established company in Victoria, I wanted to broaden my horizons and consider something that would awaken a different part of me and my soul. Believing that the universe always provides one with what they need at the time they need it, I came upon the college's website on a Wednesday and discovered the 5 Elements Acupressure Diploma Program, spoke to you on the phone for more information, and registered for the diploma program, and started in class sessions the following Monday!
Attending the college was an incredible experience, from the atmosphere, the students, the material and your teaching style — I thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift and the college with me. Since obtaining my CFEAP designation, I have opened my practice and see clients regularly and I continue to grow and learn about the art and science of acupressure.
I continue to look forward to sharing acupressure with my clients, friends, and family.”
  Yasmin Nathoo – 2011 Graduate

“The Five Elements Acupressure program offered at the Canadian Acupressure College reached me on so many different levels.
First, the program design on week segments enabled me to take the course and maintain my home and life away from Victoria. There was no life/home/work sacrifice to take the program.
I benefited physically from the practical course as receiving treatment restored feeling in my left arm. I benefited emotionally from the program as a better way to understand and accept myself and others at a core level. I'm constantly amazed how the skills I learned are applicable in everyday social interaction and thus creating for myself and those around me; healthy, wonderful, caring interactions. All my personal relationships with family and friends have benefited from the skills I learned.
As I had developed a great desire in pursuing more education in the Oriental medicine Arts, the knowledge covered in the program put me head and shoulders above other first year students in acupuncture studies. Still today when new material is presented I sometimes say, “I learned this in the Five Elements Program”, and I get to move forward calmly and confidently though my studies; able to grasp and expand my current knowledge.
The clinical experience and skills we practised and learned have also given me a great advantage over my current classmates. From the little things to communication styles, and safe practice, clinical notes; my patients always feel understood and cared for and that my business is in order.
The Five Elements Acupressure Program has opened a great many doors to me. I had the opportunity to have my own clinic set up within one month of graduating; I was confident and successful. The program enriched my knowledge, understanding and experience not just of the healing arts but also of people and how to bridge the gap in our differences. I wouldn't be studying acupuncture and medical qi gong today had I not studied Five Elements Acupressure. Thank you.”
  Beth Kucheran – 2011 Graduate

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